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Detecting Disease With Your Mouth

With our phase contrast microscope we can study the “bad bugs” and “good bugs” that develop underneath our gumline which cause diseases like plaque and “biofilms”. Let’s clean up this breeding ground together for your overall health!

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Live Better With Kale

This leafy green is your ticket to living a happier and healthier life. Calcium is important to the continued development of your bones and to offset osteoporisis as you get older. Not to mention your teeth need it, too!

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Show Us Your Smile

Gum Disease is an infection and a contributing risk to heart attack, stroke, ulcers, diabetes, and many other serious ailments. We’ll show you how in ten minutes a day you can keep your teeth for a lifetime!

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Neuromuscular Dentistry

Headaches? Joint pain? Sore Muscles? All these could be caused when your teeth don’t fit together well. Whole body dentistry looks at the relationship between your teeth and the rest of your body not just for cavities.

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