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Kingston Dental Hygiene
Practicing Biological Dental Hygiene

Detecting Health and Disease With Your Mouth

FACT: You can keep your natural teeth for your lifetime and achieve overall optimum health and wellness.

75% of our population has gum disease, an infection linked to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, ulcers, diabetes complications, respiratory diseases and premature childbirth and low birth weight.

At Kingston Dental Hygiene we look beyond the mouth to the whole body and involve our clients in participating in their wellness. With a minimal investment of only 10 minutes per day, you can keep your natural teeth for a lifetime and influence the health of your entire body. We promote the use of natural antibacterial products with healing herbs that will contribute to a healthy oral ecology.

Gum infections are bacterial, they are epidemic and their side effects can kill you.

At Kingston Dental Hygiene we use a phase contrast microscope to study the “bad bugs” as well as the “good bugs” that when left undisturbed below our gumline develop into disease causing plaques or “biofilms”. Our goal with our clients is to find an oral hygiene home routine tailored to best fit their unique needs. These disease causing bugs are anaerobic, they live without oxygen below your gumline, on the tiny crevices of your roots, a fertile breeding ground, which then invade the bloodstream and further influence our overall health.

Signs of Gum Disease

If you may be suffering from general fatigue, loss of energy and vitality, a generalized “dullness” and sometimes mild depression may also have a compromised immunity because of the infection in their mouth. With the microscope specific bacteria are identified that are responsible for mouth infections and with the presence of white blood cells proves the body is working overtime to fight the infection which further compromises our immune system.

Inflammation, is a natural response to invasion by microscopic pathogens (germs), drains our body’s resources as much-needed energy is used to fight the infection, our strength and stamina are depleted. We cannot have an infection in our body, especially so close to our brain and heart and expect to attain health and wellness.

View a sample video of what can be found in your mouth here