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Neuromuscular Dentistry

What is Neuromuscular Dentistry?

Neuromuscular dentistry considers the entire system that controls the positioning and the function of your jaw muscles, nerves, joints and bite.

Beyond the appearance of a smile

Your muscles and joints must make compensations if your teeth don’t fit together.

Unfavourable symptoms can occur that affect the function of your whole body.

Muscles win every time

At Kingston Dental Hygiene we see the signs and symptoms of clients who have not experienced that harmonious relationship that are the three main factors affecting occlusion – teeth, muscles and jaw joints

The signs – gum recession, tooth abrasion, extra bone, jaw pain or noises, worn out biting surfaces, breathing difficulties, cheek and or tongue biting.

There are more but these seem to be the most common.

Symptoms vary as well; headaches, migraines, tingling and or numbness in your fingertips, neck and or shoulder pain, ear ringing, ear stuffiness, tooth sensitivity, snoring, sleep apnea…..these appear to be the most common however there are many more upon closer examination. At Kingston Dental Hygiene further assessment may be required to determine if you require a more advanced consultation.

If you suffer from any of the signs or symptoms and are considering some dentistry to improve you smile and function of your bite you may want to consider seeking a neuromuscular dentist who will evaluate and study the complex relationship between your teeth , jaw joints and muscles.


Deborah has been trained at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dentistry specializing in the neuromuscular approach as well as attending local study club meetings.

If you are considering dental treatment that may include improving your teeth with that being a better bite, smile or comfort including dentures, implants and or orthodontics, or if you suffer head/neck pain, “TMJ”, diagnosed sleep apnea, establishing precise occlusion becomes a paramount importance