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Anything we place in the mouth is toxic to some degree, it is a matter of choosing which is least toxic.

Nearly 80% of all illnesses is related entirely or partially to problems in the mouth.

We owe it to ourselves to understand and appreciate the relationship between our mouth and the rest of our body, so we can participate in our own dental treatment decisions.

Any work done in the mouth effects the entire human body-often with surprisingly profound results, either positive or negative.

Every organ and every part of your body is directly linked to a specific tooth or area of the mouth via meridians, or energy highways…your dental history can be determined simply by reviewing your physical symptoms.

This elaborate and lengthy study showed that toothbrushing is associated with cardiovascular disease, and that subjects who brushed their teeth less than once a day had a 70 percent increase in heart disease compared with people who brushed twice a day. The inflammation that periodontal disease causes is directly related to increased C-reactive protein and increased heart attacks.

If our eyes are the gateway to our soul, then the mouth is the gateway to everything else.

A dental professional that treats the whole body, removes interferences in the mouth that may or may not be related to health symptoms.

Oral pH should be at least 6.5, and preferably right around 7.  Below 5.5, the body will actually begin demineralizing bone and enamel to try to regain the balance it needs. (tooth decay, osteoporosis)

Consideration for muscle balance, cranial alignment and the TMJ should be considered while moving teeth as well as restoring with fillings, crowns and implants. All the joints of the head must be in harmonious relationship with one another for optimal health.

The site of the TMJ is at the intersection of the three major energy meridians relating to the stomach, endocrine system and small intestine. Relief of TMD can spark a tremendous healing process in the whole body, relieving symptoms like stomach problems, chest pains and cold extremities.

One of our body’s main control mechanism, the endocrine system, is metaphysically linked to the seven major chakras.

  • Root (1st) – Adrenals
  • Sacral (2nd) – Ovaries/Testes
  • Solar Plexus (3rd) – Pancreas
  • Heart (4th) – Thymus
  • Throat (5th) – Thyroid/Parathyroid
  • Third Eye (6th) – Pituitary
  • Crown (7th) – Pineal

Manon Vermette, RMT

“You cannot successfully treat a health issue that results from a nutritional deficiency, with a drug”  Sue Clinton,RN, Nutritionist

Bacteria is the main culprit in periodontal disease. Kingston Dental Hygiene uses a microscope to look at your bacteria to properly advise you on how you can halt or hopefully reverse this disease that affects your well being.

Your well being has a direct relationship with whether or not your periodontal (gingivitis) disease will be affected.  Balancing a person’s body chemistry plays a large factor in combating this disease.

Proper bite and alignment of teeth also impacts heavily on the health of the gums.  Excessive or improper pressure on the teeth, caused by bite problems, can literally create an environment around the tooth that predisposes it to a bacterial invasion and problems.

A major sign of mercury toxicity, bleeding gums and loose teeth, is often mistakenly treated as gum disease.

Treatment of gum disease can only be successful if it is directed towards the alteration of the host’s resistance.

Periodontal Surgery….the non-surgical approach involves balancing the bodies chemistry along with meticulous home care, as well as cleaning out existing pockets.  Vitamin C and Co-Enzyme Q-10 are helpful.

Irrigating the pockets with a very high quality herbal product that kills bacteria, soothes inflammation and is a connective tissue conditioner and rebuilder.

Damaging bacteria breed below the gumline; they are anaerobic….introduce oxygen into the pockets and these bacteria do not have a chance. These bacteria do invade the bloodstream which feed other organs in our body.

A periodontal pocket could actually be causing disturbances in other areas of the body.

As dental health care professionals we need to be aware of the giant leaps forward that have been made in the fields of dental material science, toxicology, occlusion and sleep medicine and how they apply to the overall health of the individual. We manage structures critical for the overall health of our patients, the occlusion (how the teeth come together) and airway being very important.  We need to assume our rightful  roles as equal partners on the health care team.”
Robert J. Clinton, B.Sc., M.Sc., DDS, MAGD

Consider the fact that; underlying body chemistry imbalance is really the common denominator in both heart and gum disease.