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Detecting Health And Disease With Your Mouth

FACT: You can keep your natural teeth for your lifetime and achieve overall optimum health and wellness.

75% of our population have gum disease, an infection linked to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, ulcers, diabetes complications, respiratory diseases and premature childbirth and low birth weight. At Kingston Dental Hygiene we look beyond the mouth to the whole body and involve our clients in participating in his or her own wellness. With only 10 minutes invested per day, you can keep your natural teeth for a lifetime and influence the health of your entire body.

Gum infections are bacterial, they are epidemic and their side effects can kill you. At Kingston Dental Hygiene we use a phase contrast microscope to study the “bad bugs” as well as the “good bugs” that when left undisturbed below your gumline develop into disease causing plaques or “biofilms”. Our goal with our clients is to find an oral hygiene home routine to best fit their unique needs. These disease causing bugs are anaerobic, they live without oxygen below your gumline, on the tiny crevices of your roots, a fertile breeding ground, which then invade the bloodstream which further influence our overall health.

Signs of Gum Disease

Clients that may be suffering from general fatigue, loss of energy and vitality, a generalized “dullness” and sometimes mild depression may also have a compromised immunity because of the infection in their mouth. With the microscope specific bacteria are identified that are responsible for mouth infections and with the presence of white blood cells proves the body is working overtime to fight the infection which further compromises our immune system. Inflammation, is a natural response to invasion by microscopic pathogens (germs), drains our body’s resources, energy is needed to fight, our strength and stamina are depleted. We cannot have an infection in our body, especially so close to our brain and heart and expect to have optimum health and wellness.

The Surgeon General reports “ Oral Health is integral to general health. You cannot be healthy without oral health. Oral health and general health should not be interpreted as separate entities.” There is growing evidence linking gum disease with a number of life-threatening illnesses, including heart disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes. People with severe periodontal disease can have up to a three times greater risk of stroke and heart attack.

At Kingston Dental Hygiene we endeavor to introduce our clients to the correct techniques, recommending the most effective tools to produce “warfare” on the invasive bacteria that cause infection throughout the whole body. Our hope is that costly and invasive dentistry may be avoided. Periodontal infections are preventable and treatable. We can create an environment where the body can naturally heal itself. Here is an opportunity for you to take an active role in your own health…

FACT: You can keep your natural teeth for your lifetime and achieve optimum health and wellness for your mouth and your body.

FACT: When Rover slobbers those wet ones all over your face and mouth or Kitty licks your fingers or shares food with you, all the germs from them become part of your bacterial community.

TAKE THE TEST! Do you have a gum infection?

•  Are your gums tender, swollen, painful or itch?
•  Do they ever bleed while brushing, flossing or using    a toothpick?
•  Do any teeth feel loose?
•  Do any of your teeth seem to be moving or do you    notice spaces developing between your teeth?
•  Do you notice any gum recession?
•  Are you trouble with constant bad breath?
•  Do you notice any pus leaking from your gum when    you apply pressure?
•  Do you notice any changes in your bite of how your    dentures may fit?

FACT: You must disorganize and detoxify and disinfect the bacterial biofilms that colonize on the surfaces of your teeth; mainly below the gumline.

FACT: Dentures are usually made with some acrylic which is porous and tend to absorb odors and harmful bacteria.

Have a dental hygienist professionally clean your dentures to reach those invisible microorganisms that invade the acrylic. If you have full dentures with no natural teeth or implants you should also visit a Dental Hygienist at least once per year for an oral cancer exam.